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Three Ways To Use A Side-By-Side In The Winter

When you think of a side-by-side (also known as a side x side), you might picture someone operating this vehicle in various ways during the summer months. While there's no question that people enjoy using side-by-sides for work and play when the weather is warm, this vehicle can offer value when it's cold too. During the winter, you can enjoy riding your side-by-side in the snow. However, there are lots of different jobs for which a side-by-side can be an asset when there's snow on the ground. If you're thinking about buying a side-by-side, it's useful to know how it can help you in the winter. Here are three common activities.

Plowing Snow

While you might look forward to big snowfalls so that you can ride your side-by-side on trails in your area, you can also use this vehicle to remove the snow on your driveway. Many people equip their side-by-sides with a plow attachment, which they then use to clear the driveway. You'll be able to remove the snow in a fraction of the time that it would take with a shovel. If your area has a significant snowfall and you have elderly neighbors who are struggling to clear their driveways by hand, you might even choose to ride over to help them.

Helping Stuck Vehicles

During some snow storms, it's easy for small vehicles to get stuck. For example, you might come across a car that has slid off the road into the ditch near your home or a car that is stuck in a part of the road with thick snow. When you have a side-by-side, you may come to enjoy helping stuck vehicles. Many side-by-sides come with a winch; if you choose a model that doesn't have one, you can always buy an aftermarket winch. The horsepower and torque of a side-by-side, coupled with its high-grip tires, can make it easy for you to pull smaller vehicles out of the snow to save the drivers from having to call tow trucks.

Dragging Trees

If you have a large property with a lot of trees, you'll occasionally need to cut trees down. When you cut down a tree, you can wrap a chain around it and pull it with your side-by-side. For example, instead of cutting the trunk into firewood-sized pieces in an overgrown area on your property, you can pull the trunk to your driveway to work on it there.

Visit a side x side dealership to browse different models that you can use in various ways during the winter.

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