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Consider the Tailgate When You Shop for a Side-By-Side

If you start to assess a side-by-side that you're thinking about buying from its front bumper, it may be a while before you reach the tailgate. Once you get to the tailgate of this utility vehicle, however, you'll want to carefully assess its design. Different side-by-sides can have different tailgate options. Some models even provide you with the ability to switch from one tailgate option to another. Each option has its own set of advantages, so it's useful to think about how you plan to use your side-by-side. Here are three tailgate scenarios that you'll encounter.

1. Solid

Many side-by-sides have solid tailgates that are similar in some ways to what you'd expect to see on a conventional pickup truck. These tailgates are made of metal or heavy plastic — or a combination of the two durable materials — to provide a solid barrier at the back of the side-by-side's bed. If you plan to carry materials that you don't want falling out of the bed, a solid tailgate will be your best choice. For example, this is the type of tailgate that you'll want for hauling gravel, sand, dirt, and other similar materials.

2. Net

Another side-by-side tailgate option is a piece of heavy net that clips to the sidewalls of the bed and stretches across the opening where you'd customarily find the tailgate. This option is ideal for carrying large objects that would not slip through the openings in the net. For example, if you're carrying several bags of topsoil or rolls of sod, the net would contain them. Some side-by-side owners favor the net because it stretches slightly. This means that if you have a load that is slightly longer than the bed, you may be able to stretch the net around it to keep it secure.

3. Frame

You'll also have the option of choosing a side-by-side that is equipped with a frame-style tailgate. This is a structure made of metal tubing or bars that will contain large objects. If you'll be carrying something that has the potential to move around while you travel, you can wrap bungee cords or rope around the frame-style tailgate and whatever you're carrying to keep it immobile.

Learn more about these and other tailgate options for your new side-by-side by speaking to a salesperson at a local dealer such as Fun Bike Center. They can help you narrow down your options. 

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