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Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

Motorcycles can be a great option for transportation if you live where you can ride it on a regular basis. The cost of operating a motorcycle is much lower than the cost of operating a car, and riding the bike is a lot of fun. If you are new to motorcycles, there are some things you may want to think about when you start considering what motorcycle to buy and ride. 

Size of the Motorcycle

As you begin to look at motorcycles, you need to consider the size of the engine and frame the bike has. You need to be able to sit on the bike comfortably and reach the ground with both feet. Ideally, you should be able to put both feet flat on the ground when you are on the motorcycle. 

If the machine is too large for you, balancing it at stoplights or in traffic can become a problem. If you are a shorter rider, you may want to look at motorcycles with lower seat heights or smaller frame sizes to better fit you. A cruiser with a low-slung frame can be very comfortable, and they have a certain look to them that is desirable to some people. 

Size of the Engine

The engine in the motorcycle you are considering may not be overly large, but if it is very powerful, you have to make sure it is not going to be too hard to handle. Because the motorcycle frame is so light, even smaller engines can make the bike very fast, and that is not always the best option for a new rider. 

Rider Safety Course

For a new rider, an approved AMA (American Motorcycle Association) rider training course is a good option. In some states, a course like this is required before you can get a motorcycle license or even sit for the test. The course will teach you how to handle your motorcycle safely and can make even an experienced rider better. You will learn things like evasive maneuvering, emergency stops, and other tactics that help keep you safe out on the road. 

Don't Forget the Accessories

When you buy your motorcycle, don't forget to get the other things you need as well. A new helmet, some riding gloves, or a pair of boots are all things you may want. If you plan to ride long distances, investing in a set of saddlebags for your motorcycle is a great option as well. The parts to fit your new motorcycle are available from the dealer, so talk with your salesperson when you buy the bike if there is something specific you want to add on. 

Reach out to companies that sell motorcycles, such as Yamaha motorcycles, for more information.

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