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5 Ways To Improve A Snowmobile's Performance

Snowmobiles can have many uses; some people use them as a form of transportation during winter months, while others opt to use their snowmobiles as recreational vehicles and prefer speed and the thrill of the ride. No matter how you use your snowmobile, you are sure to want it to perform as well as possible. In many cases, achieving peak performance involves making modifications to a stock snowmobile. Some of the most popular ways to increase a snowmobile's performance include:

Changes to Cylinder Heads

Making changes to the cylinder heads in your snowmobile can result in a marked improvement in performance and speed. Modifying the cylinder heads involves either changing the compression ratio or the airflow. Both of these modifications cause the snowmobile to receive a stronger power pulse from the ignition. If you make changes to the cylinder heads, always use high-quality fuel afterward to ensure that the engine is not damaged.

Install a Single Ply Track Stud

Many newer models of snowmobiles have a single ply track. If you have a snowmobile with a single ply track, consider installing a single ply track stud. Having a single ply track stud will significantly improve traction on hardpack and ice, ensuring that your snowmobile can safely perform in all different types of outdoor terrain during the winter. These studs are relatively affordable and well worth the investment.

Add a Nitrous Kit 

If you want to experience short bursts of extreme speed and power, adding a nitrous kit to your snowmobile is a good bet. If you are mechanically inclined, you can purchase a DIY nitrous kit and install it yourself. If you choose to add a nitrous kit to your snowmobile, make sure that you have easy access to getting the nitrous tank refilled as needed.

Modify the Exhaust

Changing out the stock exhaust for an exhaust that is more free-flowing can up the amount of power produced by the engine. There are many different aftermarket exhaust systems for snowmobiles on the market, so take your time doing your research to ensure that you select the right one. If you live in a populated area, look for the newly designed exhaust systems that provide extra power without being overly loud and disruptive.


Porting a snowmobile involves increasing the size of the intake and exhaust ports, which leads to the optimization of the air flow. This is not something that you want to try to do on your own-- take your snowmobile to an experienced snowmobile mechanic. When porting is done right you will see a noticeable improvement in performance, but if the job is done wrong, your snowmobile's engine can be damaged. 

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