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Tips For Choosing The Safest Motorcross Riding Goggles

If you are a motorcross enthusiast, then you may understand that your protective gear is extremely important. A helmet that properly fits the size and shape of your head and boots that sit tight against your legs and ankles are mandatory. Eye protection is also needed. Without a good pair of goggles, you may not be able to see correctly. This is incredibly dangerous and likely to cause an accident and an injury, regardless of the other types of protective gear your wear. If you do not currently have any motorcross goggles, then keep reading to learn about some tips that can help you pick out a pair for optimal safety.

Look For Tear-Off Varieties

Technologies are constantly evolving in the world of motorcross to provide you with the gear that you need that also offers ultimate protection. This means that newer varieties of motorcross goggles have advanced features like roll-off or tear-off goggles. 

Visibility problems are one of the main concerns when it comes to wearing goggles, especially if you are racing or riding leisurely in a muddy area. Unfortunately, you may not have the time to wipe off your goggles so you can see properly. If you find this troublesome and dangerous, then look for goggles that are labeled as tear-off or roll-off.

Tear-off goggles feature one or several layers of lamination that sit over the lenses. When the laminated layer becomes dirty, you can tear off the layer and throw it away. This reveals the layer underneath. Tear-off lamination packs can be purchased to replace the layers of protective film that you remove. You do need to purchase goggles with the tear-off system if you want to use the disposable films though. These goggles have several clips around the edges that keep the laminated films in place while you ride.

While film replacement costs should be considered when choosing tear-off goggles, the laminated films will protect the lens. This means that scratches are unlikely, and you will probably not need to replace them for a long time.

Consider Lens Protection And Tints

Many types of motorcross goggles feature lenses that protect the eyes. They offer some of the same features as sunglasses. This means that you are likely to find goggles that have UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. These types of goggles are often labeled as complete-UV-protection varieties. These are best to protect your eyes from sun damage. 

Another goggle feature that can offer protection is the full facial coverage of the lenses. This can help to encourage good peripheral vision so blind spots are minimized. The materials that make up the lenses protect the eyes as well and stop shards from cutting your eyes or face during an accident. In many cases, the lenses are made from polycarbonate. This thermoplastic material is highly impact and scratch resistant. This is one reason why the material is used to make the lenses in most eyeglasses. While polycarbonate is common when it comes to making motorcross goggles, other types of plastic may be utilized as well. Look closely at the lens materials used when choosing the goggles.

Another important lens choice factor involves picking the lens color. A variety of different tints are used to make the goggles. Gray tints are common and help to block the sun's rays and reduce glare while maintaining the natural colors of your environment. This is ideal if you ride in sunny areas where glare can impede your ability to see well.

If you ride in a variety of different light conditions or want to ride in hazy or low-light areas, then blue-tinted lenses are a good choice. They help to maintain clear vision in a variety of different light situations. Pink lenses are also a good choice if you want good or great optical acuity regardless of the light or weather conditions. 

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