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5 Accessories For The Motorcycle Driver Not To Be Overlooked

If you have recently acquired your first motorcycle, you may be unfamiliar with the various accessories available for your vehicle. While you may recognize the importance of the basic necessities, such as a helmet, boots, and bike gloves, there are several other must-have additions for the fastidious motorcyclist. The following is a list of 5 motorcycle accessories you should consider purchasing that can enhance your total experience:

1. Motorcycle Helmet Video Camera

If you plan on having many new adventures on the road, a motorcycle helmet camera should be on your list. Simply put, this device will allow you to record all the action as you drive along. It mounts to your driving helmet easily. You can choose a motorcycle camera that captures video in full 1080p HD or the more advanced technology of 4k. Many cameras feature options such as voice controlled activation for hands free operation.

What else should you look for in your motorcycle helmet camera? Be sure the camera is waterproof, without the need for attaching additional housing. Noise control and lens rotation are important features. Also, consider Bluetooth connectivity, so you may control the device using your smartphone. Some models come with an optional Bluetooth headset or you may purchase one separately. You might also want the option of being able to record your voice along with the video that is captured.

2. Lock and Alarm Combo for Your Motorcycle

Keeping your vehicle locked and secure when parked in public is a must. For simplicity and ease of use, choose a model that does not require additional wiring or installation costs. Look for a simple, one button operation. Some systems come with a built-in pager, alerting you to issues or to let you know that your motorcycle is secure.

3. Motorcycle Cover

If you park your motorcycle outdoors, a cover is a must to protect your bike from the elements. Choose an all-season cover in a size that is appropriate. It should not only provide protection from rain and snow, it should protect your vehicle from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. Ventilation is another important aspect, as it will prevent condensation and odors. Some motorcycle covers have reflective patches that can be seen in the dark, as well as heat panels to allow heat to dissipate.

4. Motorcycle Lift/Stand

For doing repairs and maintenance on your bike, a motorcycle lift or stand is imperative. A quality motorcycle lift or floor jack will help you prevent serious bodily injury or damage to your bike. There are lifts made for heavyweight motorcycles and others that are compact for storage. Drive types are hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic lifts are easier to operate and can lift the heaviest of bikes, although they tend to cost more. Some of the wheeled models feature casters for easy mobility. Most importantly, consider the lifting capacity of the lift you choose to ensure it will support the weight of your vehicle.

5. Handlebar Accessories

For the modern biker, handlebar accessories are a must. There are handlebar mounts for holding a mobile phone, GPS device, mp3 player, as well as a cup holder for holding a beverage. Adjustable mounts feature swiveling rotation of 360 degrees, with easy release buttons. Most feature soft foam padding for comfort.

The fun and practicality doesn't end there. How about a handlebar mounted clock with aluminum or chrome plating? Some feature a combination clock and thermometer.

Perhaps a convenient handlebar bag to carry some items would be useful. It's practical for storing your wallet, keys, or eyeglasses inside. Water resistant nylon is practical for all weather use.

If you're looking for a comfortable grip, consider handlebar rubberized gel grips. Intended to reduce vibration from rough roads, these gel grips are used by professional and casual bikers alike. Handlebar grips also enable precise control and smooth throttle tuning. For more information, check out the site.

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